Virtual sports betting on Parimatch

Virtual sports are making headway these days. With pandemic conditions, events canceled and people locked in their homes, virtual sports are providing fans with unique opportunities to bet and enjoy their Belove sports while staying safe and surpassing all possible limits.

Virtual sports betting prevails over real life a lot:

  • No time limits – no need to wait days, weeks or months for upcoming events as virtual sporting events are held every minute at any time of the day or night with no delay. So at any time when you decide to go virtual sports betting, you will find options to place bets on Parimatch.
  • There are no accidents – one more benefit of virtual sports betting is that you know for hundreds of percent that the event will take place despite weather conditions or natural disasters.


    There is no chance that any player will not play because of injury or angry fans will spoil the game. The event will proceed and your bets will bring the expected results in the end.

  • No human factor – virtual sports exclude the human factor. The sports themselves are computer simulated and based on the past performance of certain sportsmen or team and a random event generator to provide the event results. So, in case you cooperate with trusted bookmakers and only bet on their official betting areas, your virtual sports betting is guaranteed to be fair and private from any fraud or human impact.

In this way, with virtual sports betting, you are doomed to be satisfied with the enhanced gambling experience. You can bet on multiple events and sports at once, place any type of bets you place on the real sporting event, waste less time, efforts and money (minimum bets are allowed) but gain more profit and pleasure in the end.

What sports are offered in virtual sports

Parimatch invites its customer to place bets on an extensive range of virtual sports with the best convenient conditions.

You are to bet on about thirty-five virtual sports originating from all over the world. They are organized into the following categories:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • sneakers
  • Horse race
  • Greyhounds.
  • Running
  • Games

When you go to the exact category, you need to select the league, cup, game or event you want to place your bet.

The games and events are powered by the world’s providers, Counting Jump, Baet Radar, Golden Race and Jetx. This means that you are entitled to high quality and fair betting on the most widespread virtual sports on a global scale.

How to bet on virtual sports on Parimatch

Parimatch aims to create convenient and beneficial conditions for its customers in Brazil and around the world to give safe and fair virtual sports betting. Along with the various opportunities and facilities provided for virtual betting on Parimatch, the betting process is as simplified as possible on the platform. This means that you can place your bets and collect prizes in no time and without any hassles.

To enjoy virtual sports betting on Parimatch, you have to cover a few steps:

  1. Select the reliable jacket to cooperate with.
  2. Get registered or login.
  3. Make sure you can perform financial operations and have enough money in your balance to bet.
  4. Go to sport, select virtual sports.
  5. Review the categories and choose what you want.
  6. Choose the game or event within the category.
  7. Start the game by selecting between demo or real money option.
  8. Review betting options, select odds and place your bets.
  9. Watch the event and collect your prizes at the end.

As the Parimatch platform has a demo option for betting, we kindly recommend getting use out of it. This will allow you to improve your virtual sports betting skills, learn about the betting process in general, and explore a certain game or event quirks. Such a strategy will help you to increase your winning odds when you bet for real money next time.

Download Android and iOS App for Virtual Sports Betting

Parimatch strives to offer premium conditions and comfort to its customers, so it’s no wonder that in addition to a mobile version of its official website, it also offers the mobile application.


This O or iOS gadget owner operated by Android or iOS can experience virtual sports betting with great fun and convenience without any limits.

The applications grant you instant access to gambling, live and virtual sports and all other opportunities that the full version website offers you. You can also track your personal account, receive notifications about bonuses and upcoming openings, control and manipulate your financial operations and all via mobile app.

In case you want to download and install Parimatch Native program on your Android powered device, the procedure ID is as follows:

  1. Enable your device to download and install apps from unknown sources.
  2. Go to the official Parimatch website and click the Download Android app icon.
  3. After the download process is over, find the file you downloaded.
  4. Open the APK file to start the installation.
  5. With the installation process complete, you will find the application icon on the home screen.
  6. Launch the app, log in or sign up and go gambling with the convenience of a pleasure.

If you have an iOS powered device, the download and installation processes should be completed even easier:

  1. Go to AppStore and search for Parimatch app.
  2. If you can’t find it on your own, you can explore the official website link.
  3. Get the app.
  4. The installation process will complete automatically and the icon will appear on the home screen.
  5. Launch the app, get registered or login and set to bet.


Using any suitable Parimatch mobile program, you will be able to go for virtual sports betting without any restrictions.



Explore the virtual sports betting possibilities that Parimatch offers you. Learn more about general rules and special games in demo version. Switch to the real money version, choose your favorite sports and games and place one or several bets via mobile or full version, or native app. Collect delicious rewards and pleasure with minimal wasted time, money and efforts.


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