With the passing of time, cricket has become a popular game all over the world, being one of the easiest and along with that one of the most exciting to watch.

Being introduced in the 17th century, nowadays, it is presented in three variations, the course of which is regulated by the International Cricket Council:

  • Test cricket, the early form of the game, which has now adopted a five-day format.

    Thus, the name “Test Cricket” is justified: such a game “Tests” players on willpower, stamina, ability to adapt to changing circumstances, and their skill as well, awarding the best with generous prizes;

  • An international day, or simply a day, the Quadrennial ICC Cricket World Cup format, played over a day, with 50 overs for each side and one inning in total;
  • Twenty20 International (T20), the youngest and fastest variety of cricket that deserved its name due to preventing twenty overs. It goes on for 3 hours and chills with a fast pace of events.

Cricket, played in these three formats, by men or women, is declared the national sport in a number of countries; A greater number of countries are playing cricket, raising strong and qualified national teams. And finally, popular international cricket tournaments or cricket leagues (such as Indian Premier League, New Zealand Premier League, Global T20 Canada, Caribbean Premier League, etc.) Matches are gladly played by millions of people, practically in all countries. This is why the vast majority of online sports betting sites seek to provide their customers with an opportunity to stream cricket matches, place bets and earn money on cricket matches.

Parimatch’s betting platform has not remained indifferent, either, and has made streaming cricket and online betting conveniently available. It offers coverage of a huge number of cricket matches, especially within the Indian Premier League, to its Indian customers. You can choose the “Cricket” section of the Sports Menu opened after clicking the button in the bottom navigation and exploring the recurring cricket events displayed on your screen. Every day, more than one hundred matches from all famous cricket leagues and championships are presented there. National Teams, Clubs, Games – At Parimatch Brazil, you can choose what you prefer.

In addition, you will be pleased with the fast registration process, a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options and how fast payments are also available in Indian rupees.


Generally, betting odds indicate the probability of some sporting event to have this or that outcome. Odds are dependent on a wide variety of factors. Also, they show you how much money you can make if your bet is successful.

In the betting community it is widely known that the odds of games including cricket in Parimatch are quite competitive – the ratio can reach up to 95% which increases the chances of winning to the max!


The peculiarity that makes Brazil cricket betting on Parimatch more enjoyable and exciting is that you can stream the matches online, keeping an eye on the match statistics, and place live bets at the same time!

In Cricket, the live rate for betting may change during a specific match due to the following factors:

  • the weather: No other sport is affected by weather conditions as much as cricket is. And this circumstance is especially relevant for test cricket matches that can last up to 5 days. Awareness of the fallout that is predicted the day after the start of a match would likely add to the probability of the team that bites the first win;
  • the tone: The character of the surface, its angidity, homogeneity and density are of great importance for the quality of play, the development and the result of a match. For example, a very soft surface causes the ball to slow down, while a harder ground would cause the ball to accelerate.
  • The news of a player’s injury and so on.

At Parimatch Brazil, you can monitor live cricket odds for different games and wait for the right moment to make maximum profit on them!


Parimatch can be used on different platforms, operating systems and devices, making it possible to stream and bet in all conditions and at any time.

You can place bets on cricket online using the desktop version of the website or the mobile version adapted for different smartphones and tablets. Likewise, Android and iOS apps are available for download from the official website or the App Store (the iOS app). The apps have a similar design and all the features that the desktop version has, it works practically flawlessly and at high speed and will serve your needs in the best way. To put Wagers from the mobile app, simply create a new Parimatch account or log in with an existing one, navigate to the section with cricket events, select interest match and choose early result and press betting odds. Finally, select the appropriate bet type from the menu, enter the amount of money, you are ready to play and press the “Cuocar a” Bet” button. In this way, your bet will be placed.

Apparently, with Parimatch it’s really easy to closely monitor the progress of your favorite cricket teams, including IPL, and enjoy the excitement of betting on them!

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